Lil Rascal 4 Session Virtual Mini Course

Welcome to the first step to to less stress!

The 4 Session Virtual Mini Course will look different for each dog since every Lil Rascal is an individual. The General Outline is below.

Session 1: Brief Discussion of your dogs history. Intro to 1-2 Cues that make sense to implement into your lives. These cues whether re-taught or new are designed to encourage a more confident canine. Suggestions for Enrichment activities and products.

Session 2: Review and discussion of trained cues. Distraction, Duration and Distance added to taught cues. Troubleshooting where to teach cues next. Intro to a new third cue if needed.


Session 3: Review and discussion of trained cues with DDD. Evaluating behaviors via recordings taken at home. Continue to strengthen current cues taught or move on to new cues.


Session 4: Discuss and review all cues taught within our time together. Continue to strengthen behaviors/cues taught and refine areas of doubt. Formulate a plan of progress to follow as you work on your own with your dog(s). 

Each Session is 45 Minutes. Review of what was taught and chatted about is given to you via email after each meeting/session. After each session there will be tasks (homework) that you'll be encouraged to complete with your dog(s). I highly encourage recording clips (short or long) to send via text as we work together but it's not absolutely necessary. My goal is to empower you so much so you don't need me anymore. Always an option to continue together of course. 

Cost: $365.00

Invest via Venmo, PayPal or Zelle

Email or text me with any questions at all.


Cell: (215) 868-5226

Thank you for checking this out and I look forward to learning more about you,


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