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Accountability: Are you tapped in?

Updated: Sep 2, 2021

When you read the word Dog Trainer what do you immediately think of? Caesar Milan? A person wearing a polo coming into your home and solely focusing on correcting unwanted dog behaviors instantaneously? Unfortunately the answer is most likely a resounding yes. We are bombarded by images and old school ways of thinking on a daily basis when it comes to training and caring for domesticated dogs (and pretty much every “human involved”species such as horses). Take for instance Intervention on Netflix- what a crock of shit. There has been and continues to be countless proven reputable scientific studies that exclaim that the most effective way to work with dogs is through using Positive Reinforcement. You can find many of these articles here: Yes, this means you never need to scream, smack or leash jerk your dog, period. Isn’t that exciting? Still, many are the least bit thrilled. I believe the main reason is because it takes an incredible amount of self awareness to tap into great patience. And we need more people who are willing to do the work themselves to then better work with their beloved canines.

I am not a dog trainer at the core of what I do. I am an energy worker above all else. If this comes off “oh she thinks she’s godly”- that's not what I intend. Let me explain. When I meet someone, whether that be virtual via Zoom // FaceTime or in person I can immediately feel the weight of the person and dog in front of me. So many people hire me when they are at their wits end. It’s my job to communicate to people very simply- shit is going to get better. And it always does. I allow for a space where people feel safe spilling their guts, a space to cry, a space to be angry, a space to ultimately learn and heal. When we use R+ training we allow for a bond built on consent and compassion which aids in healing the human-dog relationship. Let’s be honest- it’s only natural to fuck up sometimes. I’m the last person who will judge you. My job is to educate the best way I know how. As a Certified Dog Trainer, a student of a Canine Nutrition Program and an avid reader on all things animal behavior I come with an invaluable ocean of information to share. The energy behind how I teach is full of warmth, understanding and perseverance. If I am able to empower you, the dog guardian, then teaching skills the dog needs to succeed is cake! Taking accountability is step one. I want to work with people I don’t have to convince to work harder. I want to work with people who are ready to take a deep dive into alternative behaviors not just for their dogs but for themselves as well. I don’t need to physically be in the room with you to formulate the best plan forward- a reason why I love Virtual Training. Having a harmonious life with an animal isn’t solely about the training itself- I can’t stress this enough. It’s so much bigger than sit, down and stay. It’s about having a deeper understanding that the dog is an individual. Asking questions such as “What does my dog love to do?” What does my dog absolutely hate to do?” Depending on the breed, background, health, both mental and physical the best progressive plan forward is best developed by professionals like myself who understand a dog is a sentient being.

My job is to open an energy field where you as the client feel that you can share all of it. All of the crap: the good, the bad and the ugly. From that vulnerable point there is room for great empowerment from me to you to you to yourself and of course from you to your dog. I encourage anyone to reach me who is ready to change, grow and be the ultimate rockstar your dog deserves.

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