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There’s A LOT of false information out there that says such things as “be the pack leader” or “every dog needs an alpha.” Unfortunately the dog training industry is unregulated- meaning Joe Shmoe across the street can decide one day he wants to be a trainer and poof he's handling dogs that same day. As a trainer who is certified, grew her business alone from the ground up and continues her education you may imagine this really grinds my gears. All the more reason to keep producing valuable up-to-date tools to give dog guardians! I’m also a yoga instructor and artist and I will be weaving in self awareness and breathing techniques I know work well.

This course is geared towards anyone who wants to take a deeper dive into how dogs think and communicate with the world they live in. We will meet virtually every week for 45 minutes for a total of 3 Months. You start when you choose! There will be fun tasks to complete in-between sessions.

What we will cover 

In-depth Dog Body Language Education 

How human energy directly affects the dog 

How to remain in the present moment during stressful experiences with your dog 

Long Line and Short Leash Skills 

Cooperative Care Training Intro 

Visualization and Meditative Techniques to practice with and without your dog 

How to Advocate for your dog while in public 

Socialization Do’s and Dont’s (depending on the specific dog) 

Calming Behaviors such as Place taught and explained 

Please email Michelle if you have any questions trainwiththunderdogz@gmail

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