Learning just got a hell of a lot more fun!



$200 for 4 Class Pack

Want to learn about science-based animal training while having a good time and meeting like-minded people? If your answer is yes, then you should consider attending my Foundational Skills Class on Zoom! This Class is geared towards new puppy and new dog guardians.

We'll cover the following + much more:


- To Dog Park or To Not Dog Park

- Best ways to socialize your puppy and/or dog

Bite Inhibition

- Navigating nippy behaviors

- Must buys & essential home management for the teething stage

Attention + Recall

- Engagement training on and off-leash

- "Leash Skills" - what does this really mean and how can we keep our shoulders in their sockets!

Basic Manners Education

- Stay, Wait, Door Manners, Touch and Place to name a few

Cultivating Zen Energy in your Home

- Making time for yourself will make it easier to make time for your fur-child

- Ways to practice calm with your breath and with your pup and/or dog

- As a Certified Yoga Instructor I have a lot of great tips!

Nutrition Advice

- What dog food not to buy and what is suggested

- What exactly is "human food?"

Enrichment Activity Ideas

- DIY Games, Puzzles and more discussed

Other Hot Topics We'll Discuss

- Muzzle Training and why it's important

- Advocating for your puppy in public

- Using a Long Leash and When it's appropriate

To sign up please email Michelle at trainwiththunderdogz@gmail.com or click the link below! Open Enrollment Class. We will begin June 2021!! Class will take place via Zoom Tuesday evenings at 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM.