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Are you and your dog(s) or horse(s) adorable together? Of course you are! Allow me to celebrate your relationship with an album, short video and best capture framed.

Dog Parents: ALL dogs welcome. As a trainer I'm happy to collaborate with dogs who are seniors, puppies, dressed up, naked, chill and wild. Come as you are! Humans please wear clothes you feel comfortable OR sexy in. If you can do both I commend you. I recommend a training consultation/session before the photoshoot if you believe your dog to be suffering from acute anxiety and/or fear of new people.

Note: BRING FOOD your dog enjoys!

Horse Parents: ALL horses welcome. As an equestrian myself, I know how hard it is to capture huge moments while together- especially riding. Shoot will be a a combo of riding shots and still shots. Please wear clothes you feel comfortable and/or CAUTE in!

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