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Mission Bring Joy-lene

Bringing Joy and Healing To Your Workplace

"Dogs can decrease anxiety and sympathetic nervous system arousal by providing a pleasant external focus for attention, promoting feelings of safety, and providing a source of contact and comfort." - E. Friedmann

Dog Owner

Our Story

I've been a Dog Trainer for over 3 years and as someone who believes in holistic healing and well-being I've decided to share the joy and inspiration my dog Jolene gives me with others. Jolene (Joy-lene) is incredibly loveable with all people, kids and all walks of life. She lights up a room when she walks in and inspires smiles and joy of all those she meets. She is extremely well trained & a registered ESA.

Our First Session with you and your company is on us. If you decide the experience is exactly what you needed we can come back for 30 Mins or 1 Hr. Ideally our visit would be best utilized during Lunch Break, Pre or Post Meetings or when there's time for a mental break in the busy work day.

Sessions include petting, play, snuggle or hugging time, games and more.

Call Michelle with any questions and inquiries at 215-868-5226.

Meet The Team

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