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Every learner deserves to be set up for success with little to no stress!

Let's be real, dog parenting is a major challenge sometimes. It's okay, we are here for you whole-heartedly and with great enthusiasm to educate dog parents seeking to better their human-canine bond. Dogs do what works for the dog and sometimes behaviors are reinforced by accident as all behaviors are learned. It's our job to figure out the root cause of unwanted behaviors and give you the skills to teach your dog how to be their best selves. All training is embedded in the goal to sustain a healthy and confident canine mind.

If you're currently struggling with dog and/or human reactivity, pulling on leash, puppy training- we have it all covered.

Each session is one hour long and Michelle is incredible at keeping it fun, light-hearted and extremely informative. After each session there will be HW and handouts given to the client-  the more you practice the better your dog can understand what we're asking of them. Please see Prices Page for more info about consults and packages.

Thunderdogz Founder & Head Trainer Michelle is living her dream career because she loves empowering people to show up as their very best selves side by side with their fur-children.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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