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dog trainer

Certified Dog Trainer & Relationship Coach

Offering In-Person Sessions in Golden, Colorado & Surrounding. Virtual Lessons also available via Zoom.

We are here to give you the skills you need to thrive with your dog! We offer In-Person Services, Virtual Training and Behavioral Programs for Puppies and Adult Dogs.

Michelle MeGill- dog trainer in philadelphia


Sharing an up-to-date & positive approach to cultivating the best human-dog relationship possible. Michelle MeGill is a Certified Dog Trainer orginally from Bucks County, PA. She began her career in and Philadelphia, PA where in just 2 years of starting her own business she WON Best Dog Trainer of Philadelphia 2021 by Philadelphia Magazine. 

She has since relocated to Golden, Colorado- the place of her dreams.


Michelle started THUNDERDOGZ in 2019 and has been growing rapidly since -woo! Her dog daughter Jolene is the reason her career is focused on advocating for animal welfare & science based methodology in the training industry and beyond.

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